getting started

Learning digital photography - setting up your digital camera.

A "hands on" tutorial makes a perfect gift for any age.

You have your brand new digital camera in your hands and you are faced with an array of dials and controls. It looks daunting but it need not be! Setting up your digital camera is your first step into the exciting world of digital photography.

Whether you have a point and shoot camera . . .

Or high end digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera . . .

Our "hands on" digital photography tutorials will help you get started faster.

What does Av mean? What size file should I be shooting in? What is white balance? What is an fstop?

All these fascinating, exciting and creative topics and many more will be explained during your eidelman-photo "hands on" tutorial. Being out there at a venue, in Cape Town, with personalised tuition, taking shots and learning as you go, helps you become more familiar with your camera and its manual.

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