digital photography tuition terms and conditions

  1. Fees are negotiable and once finalized become payable. Form of payment is in cash, credit card, or electronic transfer.
  2. If for any reason we are unable to conduct a tutorial we will refund all fees paid and our liability ceases thereafter. Eidelman-photo is under no obligation to provide compensation and will have no liability for consequential loss.
  3. A tutorial may be cancelled by clients up to 48 hours before the tutorial and receive a full refund less a handling fee of R40. Cancellation may be done by email or phone.
  4. The Eidelman-photo digital photography tutorials are for most age ranges. Special arrangements for very young photographers can be arranged. The instructive tutorials are usually one to one, or one to two or in groups by arrangement.
  5. Participants must bring their own digital camera and equipment. Please ensure that your camera battery is fully charged and that you bring a spare. Please bring extra memory cards, as you will be taking lots of shots.
  6. Refreshments and meals are not included in the price.
  7. Admission and travel to any of the destinations is not included. For example, participants visiting Kirstenbosch must find their way there and pay their own admission fees and meet the tutor at points that will be designated. Details of “how to get there” will be supplied.? Young participants eg. should be brought to and collected from the venue by their parents or by the responsible adult.
  8. Participants are responsible for their own insurance and the insurance of their digital photography equipment during the tutorial. Any injury or accident must be claimed against your insurance. Eidelmanphoto does not accept liability for any injury or accident happening during an instructive tutorial.
  9. Payment of fees constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. In the case of a payment for more than one person, the person paying is responsible for informing their partner/s of these terms and conditions and obtaining consent, before making payment.
  10. These terms are understood to apply under South African Law only.

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